This English website was designed by students of the 6th form of the ÖSTG Seitenstetten. In the winter semester of the school year 2009/10 the eight students attended an English course under the direction of Prof. Markus Krenn. The following texts are the findings of a 2-month-project during this English course.

General Information
The market town Seitenstetten is, along with the Benedictine monastery, the spiritual and cultural center of the „Mostviertel“ and the whole district of Amstetten. It is a place of silence and contemplation. The area is about 30.48 km² and is about 350m above sealevel.

Seitenstetten has a population of about 3,225.

Authors: Carina Schörghuber, Hannah Seferovic`, Sabine Fischl, Thomas Tramberger, Sandra Illich, Andrea Wagner and Michael Bernhart
The landscape
The „Mostviertel“ is one of the most beautiful places in Lower Austria. It is known for its orchards, especially pear and apple trees. The community is located on the riverside and 26% of the area is forested, one particularly well known forest is the „Franzosenwald“. There are many hiking trails, which offer a wide and wonderful view over Seitenstetten and meadows. These fields are criss-crossed with tree-lined lanes.  In fact, one of Seitenstetten's most visited attractions is the monastery and its rose garden. Flowers grow everywhere in this community and in summer its a great sight when the green areas are full with colourful flowerbeds. It is a must to visit this gorgeous place in summer.
The Market Place
Since summer 2009 Seitenstetten has been home to a new marketplace, which was opened with a two-day-festival called the "Marktfest". Some of the visitors were dressed as knights and other characters of the Middle Ages. At night they had a "Pflasterspektakel" with fire-eaters, jugglers and other artists. At midnight there were huge and impressive fireworks.

Now the market place forms the centre of Seitenstetten next to the SCS, a small, but very useful shopping centre.
The Benedictine Monastery of Seitenstetten
History before 1945
Udalschalk von Stille und Heft established a monastery in Seitenstetten in 1112. Benedictines of the Stift Göttweig inhabited the new abbey. Only a sliver of the largely wooden convent remained after a big fire. The oldest part of the monastery is now the Knight’s Chapel. The Convent School reaches back to Middle Ages and were attended by peers and also future monks. In 1938 Austria lost its independence and as a result the monastery’s status decreased.

History since 1945
After WWII Abbot Theodor and the convent started to repair the damages of war. The school and the seminary were reopened. In the middle of the 20th century Abbot Albert took first steps of the renovation. In 1984 the monks elected P. Berthold Heigl as the new Abbot. After that the planning for the restoration of the convent started.

The Convent School
Since 1112 many types of school have been in the monastery. The establishment of the public grammar school and the seminary occurred in 1814. The first oral and written Abitur was held in 1870. In 1972 girls were first allowed to attend the convent school. The small number of students (ca. 330) leads to a informal atmosphere. In this school you can graduate in the languages German, English, Latin, French, Italian and Greek. The school also offers classes in information technology, the importance of which is increasing dramatically, and you can also pass the European Computer Driving License, which is increasingly important job requirement. Because of the grammar school the students receive an important basic education which is a precondition for every field of study. This convent school is probably the most qualified in the surrounding area.

The Rose garden
The Benedictine congregation has a strong connection with horticulture. „Ora et labora!“ - Pray and work! - is the motto of the congregation. This means that the monks should also work physically, e.g. in the garden, because they do so many spiritual activities. In the Middle Age the monasteries maintained gardens.
The Meierhof was built between 1769 and 1775, after the renovation of the convent in the Baroque era, and you can still enjoy its original architecture. At the same time a garden with a Baroque ground plan was also laid out.
Elegant Baroque sandstone vases flank the way through the garden, a fountain in the middle and a wrought-iron gate are vouchers of that time.
Before 1996 there were times of overgrowing and times of loving cultivation. Historical elements were combined with new components. A versatile, educational and especially beautiful garden came up.

Rose garden today:
The Rose garden covers an area of 1.3 hectares and is surrounded by a protecting wall. There are five sectors, which should remind one of the different eras of the rose garden’s historical development. The well superscribed herb garden is not only an educational trail but also a kitchen garden. It is also for planting tea and herbs, which you can buy in the “Klosterladen”. There are four simple parterre surfaces, which are fenced with pygmy boxes and brick chippings. The vegetable garden provides the monastery’s kitchen with fresh herbs, berries and vegetables. Also a few old potato sorts grow here, because the monastery was one of the first potato-growing-districts. The green house (dating to the 19th century) was restored and serves for overwintering the plants. Who is looking for a break for his soul, is invited to go for a meditative walk in the rosary-labyrinth.
Leisure Time
There are different ways to pass some memorable hours in Seitenstetten.

Mini Golf Course:
In Seitenstetten there is a great mini golf course with 18 holes for children and adults.
It costs €1 for children and €2 for adults, but seniors or groups of 10 or more, or if you have a family pass € 0,70 and € 1,80 . The opening hours are from 15- 19 o'clock, during the week and on Sundays from 13 - 19 o'clock.
Playing mini golf is pleasure for young and old. You can play it alone, with friends or with the whole family. Of course it's only possible to play this leisure activity in summer. The miniature golf course is planted with large trees and when the sun is shining they offer shade to cool you down. There is a really nice atmosphere.

In Seitenstetten there is also a big play ground for the small visitors. They can climb up the climbing tower, slide down the corkscrew chute, play in the sandpit or play on several other pieces of playground equipment.
While the children are playing, parents can relax on the wooden benches.There are several hiking trails near the playground which lead through the Fröschlau, from where you can visit the “Thousand-Year-Old Oak”.

There are many hiking trails in and around Seitenstetten; e.g. the „Mostobstwanderweg“, the „Naturlehrpfad Franzosenwald“, the „Udalschalkweg“ and the „Wanderweg zur Voralpenblickwarte“.
The „Mostobstwanderweg“: This walking path is a 7km long, attractive route. Along the way you can learn how fruit is made into cider. There are many trees with information boards, so it's easy for you to find the right path.
The „Naturlehrpfad Franzosenwald“: This trail is perfect for nature lovers. The 550m long path is both relaxing and informative. There are several signs with information about the forest and biology.
The „Udalschalkweg“: The length of this path is about 7 km and the walk time is also about 1 and a half hours.
The „Wanderweg zur Voralpenblickwarte“: After a walk time of about 1,5 hours you reach the „Gasthaus Hundsmühle“.

Nordic Walking
Nordic Walking is an ideal group sport. Eight Nordic Walking paths with a total distance of 60 kilometres are available in Seitenstetten. It is well-known as the Nordic Walking center of the „Mostviertel“. The trails are suitable for beginners, but also for sportive Nordic Walkers.
You can borrow Nordic Walking sticks from the monastery shop for a deposit. After returning the sticks you will get your money back. This vigorous sport offers recreation, fun and fitness for both young and old. It is twice as effective as hiking or running and it is also a real pleasure.

Cycling in Seitenstetten
A cycling tour is the best way to recharge your batteries in the blissful landscape of Seitenstetten. There are three famous cycling routes in Seitenstetten:
The “Seitenstettener Familien-Radrunde” is about 12 km long and with just 200 vertical meters it is the easiest route.
The “Seitenstettener Alpenvorland-Radweg” is about 17 km long and has 600 vertical metres . The “Alpenvorland-Radweg” is the moderate route and is manageable for most people. The longest and most exhausting cycling round in Seitenstetten is the “Seitenstettener Voralpen-Radweg”. This difficult 23 km long route, has 750 vertical metres and is a challenge for everyone.

Fishing in Seitenstetten
In Seitenstetten you can also take a fishing holiday. In Seitenstetten's 1, 5 km of the Url river you can find a lot of fish species to catch, especially trout. On the meandering route of the Url you will never get bored.
You can buy a day license at Mr. Grimps Rudolf’s. It costs € 25 and allows you to catch four fish.
If you do not want to go fishing on a river, you can also go to the “Laziland”. There you will find some big lakes to fish on.
Hubert & Melitta Ott
Marktplatz 4
3353 Seitenstetten
Homepage: ott(at)
Closed: Monday, Tuesday

Enjoy a cosy and sterling atmosphere with typical Mostviertler specialities and regional delicacies.
There are four rooms which offer space for up to 250 people.
You can also enjoy your meals and drinks on the outdoor terrace during the summer. Moreover the restaurant caters the Meierhof, a historical building in Seitenstetten, which offers space for 500 people.

Fam. Sindhuber
Dorf 113
3353 Seitenstetten
Mail: gh.sindhuber(at)
Opening hours:8 am – 12 pm.
Closed: Thursday

Enjoy typical specialties of the Mostviertel inside or outside the restaurant in a wonderful surrounding. A special insider's tip is the “Ofenbratl”, a homemade pork roast. In winter an ice sheet for curling (Eisstockschießen) is available.

Christiana Wieser
Marktplatz 2,
3353 Seitenstetten
Mail: gh.wieser(at)
Opening hours: 7am-12pm
Closed: Wednesday

The restaurant Wieser has a convenient location in the middle of Seitenstetten. There is also the opportunity to enjoy your meals outside the restaurant in a quiet surrounding.
You can book a room for events which offers space for up to 80 people. Moreover hot food is offered from 7 am – 12 pm and there are also rooms to stay overnight.
→ See Accommodations!

Mandies Jauseneck
(diner restaurant)
Manfred Grenzlehner
Steyrerstraße 4
3353 Seitenstetten
Tel.: +437477/44046
Mobile: 0699/11960320
Opening hours: 9 am – 10 pm (Monday - Friday)
9 am – 1 pm (Saturday)

Wiesinger (Wiesi)
(diner restaurant)
Johannes Wiesinger
Gewerbepark Pölla 10
Tel.: +437477/42265
Mail: imbisscafepubwiesi(at)
Opening hours: 8 am – 2 am (Monday- Thursday)
8 am – 4 am (Friday, Saturday)
Closed: Sunday

Gertrude Essmeister
Steyrerstraße 95
3353 Seitenstetten
Tel. & Fax: +437477/42217
Closed: Tuesday

Pizzeria Palermo
Marktplatz 7
3353 Seitenstetten
Tel.: +437477/44045
Opening hours: 11 am - 2 pm, 5 pm – 11 pm (Monday - Friday)
11 am – 11 pm (Saturday, Sunday)

A “Mostheuriger“ is a kind of restaurant which offers regional specialties like “Schweinsbraten“(roasted pork), “Brettljaus'n“ with several kinds of sausages and spreads or just bread with bacon and onions. You can also enjoy self-made cider (“Most“), schnapps, wine and fruit juices.
At some “Mostheurige“ there is a yard sale, where you can buy homemade products, to take home with you.

Mostheuriger Pfeiffer
Fam. Franz & Maria Pfeiffer
Hochstraß 21
3353 Seitenstetten
Mail: mh(at)

At Mostheuriger Pfeiffer you can enjoy your delicious meals in a lovely atmosphere.
Inside the restaurant there is room for up to 160 people and the terrace offers place for 80 more.
For children there are two playgrounds, one inside and one outside the restaurant.
If you want to visit Mostheuriger Pfeiffer, check the opening times on their homepage.

Mostheuriger Neudaumühle
Johanna Schwingenschlögl
Weidersdorferstraße 65
3353 Seitenstetten
Mail: mh.schwingenschloegl(at)
Closed: Monday – Thursday
Check the opening times on the homepage, because it is not opened the whole year.
Groups can visit Mostheuriger Neudaumühle on other days with a reservation.

Wildheuriger Kronawetter
Fam. Franz & Irmtraud Edermayr
Blümelsberg 15,
3353 Seitenstetten
Mail: kontakt(at)
opening hours: Friday, Saturday (starting 4pm)
Sundays and legal holidays (starting 11am)

A „Wildheuriger“ is more or less the same as a „Mostheuriger“, the difference being that there venison products are served.
At Kronawetter products of organic farming are offered. The game is raised in a 12 ha large outdoor pen through the year.

Rosenheuriger Schatzeder
Fam. Josef & Marianne Schatzeder
Biberbach Strasse 1
3353 Seitenstetten
Tel. & Fax: +43(0)7477/43832
Mail: schatzeder(at)
Closed: Monday – Friday

People who live in close touch with nature can enjoy the delicious home made specialties while enjoying a beautiful and spectacular rose garden, where you can gaze upon more than 250 different types of roses.

Cafe Mitterer
Karl Mitterer
Waidhofnerstraße 2
3353 Seitenstetten
Opening hours: 11am – 11pm

“Café Mitterer“ is located next to one of the most impressive and prominent buildings in the whole Mostviertel, the Monastery Seitenstetten. Apart from tasty pastry it also offers a cozy atmosphere for the young and the young at heart.

Roszko Romana
Roszko Romana
Bahnhofstraße 6
3353 Seitenstetten,
Tel. & Fax: 074 77/436 98
Mobile: 0676/33 72 140
Opening hours: 4 pm – 4 am (Tuesday - Sunday)
Closed: Monday

Confectionary Schadauer
Steyrer Straße 6
3353 Seitenstetten
Tel.: +437477/42268
Mail: cafe(at)
Opening hours: 6.30 am – 6 pm (Monday – Friday)
Saturday: 6:30am – 12:00
Sunday: 2pm – 6pm

Gaby’s Marktcafe
Gaby Schaupp
Bahnhofstraße 4
3353 Seitenstetten
Tel.: 07477/44844

Closed: Sunday
Christiana Wieser
Marktplatz 2,
3353 Seitenstetten
Tel.: +43(0)7477/42311
Fax: +43(0)7477/42056
Mail: gh.wieser(at)

„Wieser“ is not only a very nice restaurant but also offers rooms to stay overnight.
There are six double bedrooms which include a full bathroom.
For one person it’s 26€ including breakfast.

Single room extra cost: 4 Euro
child discount up to 12 years: 20 %

Monastery Seitenstetten
Klosterberg 1
3353 Seitenstetten
Tel.: +43(0)74 77/423 00
Fax: +43(0)74 77/42300 - 250
Mail: gastpater(at)

Monastery Seitenstetten offers cozy rooms as well as breakfast and other meals.
There are 25 beds in single and double rooms.

Single Room
23 € (Category. I)
19 € (Category. II)
Double Room:
16 €
Extra charge for short stays (1 and 2 overnight stays):
5 €

4.50 €
10. 50 € + 1 Drink
6.50€ + 1 Drink

Bildungszentrum St. Benedikt (educational centre)
Promenade 13
3353 Seitenstetten
Tel.: +43(0)74 77/428 85
Bildungszentrum St. Benedikt offers 3 double rooms and 11 single rooms.
Overnight stay + breakfast:
€ 20.50
Extra costs for a single night stay:
€ 4.--

It is also possible to hold seminars because suitable rooms are offered.

Youth hostel Schacherhof
Berg 11
3353 Seitenstetten,
Tel.: +43(0)74 77/490 49
Mail: jugendhaus(at)
Youth hostel Schacherhof is a comfortable accommodation which offers, apart from 45 bunk beds, mattresses on the floor (“Matratzenlager”) and 5 single rooms as well as a large kitchen and a dining room. You can enjoy a panoramic view of Seitenstetten and its surrounding and in summer you can relax in the nice garden.

Bunk beds, mattresses on the floor (matratzenlager) (45):
€ 7,--
Single rooms (5):
€ 10,--
The youth hostel is not available for single persons, but rather for youth- & company groups!
Night life
Ott Disco
Marktplatz 4
3353 Seitenstetten
Tel.: +43(0)7477/42304
Opening hours:
Friday & Saturday: 9 pm – 4 am

Ott Disco is a nice location to meet people and have fun. There is enough room for dancing and you can enjoy your evening with a drink at the bar.

Karl Mitterer
Waidhofnerstraße 2
3353 Seitenstetten
Opening hours:
Friday & Saturday: 9 pm – 3 am
People under seventeen years are not allowed to visit Klausur.

Klausur is a popular place where young people of Seitenstetten and the surrounding area come together at weekends.
Three small, but cosy rooms, on different floors and a lot of bars are offered. There is always music and occasionally band performances.

Other parties
Of course there are a lot of other events in Seitenstetten like the “The Firemen’s Ball” or “The Fancy-Ball”.
If you want to get more information about Seitenstetten, the surrounding area or Austria itself, you can visit the town hall in Seitenstetten or the library of the monastery.

Town hall
Steyrerstraße 1
3353 Seitenstetten
Tel.: +43(0)74 77/422 24-0
Fax: +43(0)074 77/422 24-22
Opening hours:
Monday: 8 am – 12 am, 1.30 pm – 5 pm
Tuesday: 8 am – 12 am
Thursday: 8 am – 12 am, 1.30 pm – 7 pm
Friday: 8 am – 12 am

Klosterberg 1
3353 - Seitenstetten
Opening hours:
Friday: 6 pm – 7 pm
Sunday: 9.15 am - 11.30 am